Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yeah, It's the Weekend!!!

Thanks to all of you who have been reading this blog and adding comments! It really is a great way to let me know what you would like to see more of and whether or not you like it. It has also helped me to keep in touch with those of you who are far away!
But....It is the weekend and we all know how much I love the weekend and this weekend is extra special because it is a long one! We are busy getting all of the preparations done for our party tomorrow as well. Most of the food that we are making can be made ahead. The only thing that is complicated is the smoked pork butt and that is only because Tony will have to get up during the wee hours of the morning and start that smoker!!! But are we afraid? No way we entertain the no fear entertaining way! We follow all of the "7 Golden Rules of No Fear Entertaining" ( sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter and as a special bonus get the "7 Golden Rules of No Fear Entertaining at and it will be as easy as pie. I already have all the paper plates, napkins, knives and forks, cups laid out ready to go. The children's juices are on ice already the margarita's for the adults will be made tomorrow. We also decided to buy a small keg of beer instead of having bottles that we had to have a separate cooler for. Saves space and has much less waste! No rushing, no fussing just a relaxing fun day with a bunch of good friends!
I hope your Labor Day weekend will be as fun as mine!
I will add some pictures on Monday of the party for you to see.
This would be cool to have for tomorrow! Maybe next time.....
Happy Entertaining!

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