Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tough Day at the Beach!

It is Sunday and football was on but boy, oh boy, do I ever love TIVO! Tony is in the living room right now watching a game that aired at 1. I keep thinking I should check out the final score and go running in there and tell him who won???!!! I guess I shouldn't or we will never go to the beach again on Sunday. But it would be funny, wouldn't it?

Well I decided to shelve the chicken recipe that I posted last night and I think I will make it for dinner on Wed. If anyone else goes and tries it before me please let me know how it turned out!

I have been finding my way around Chowhound ( and it has become my new favorite website. If you are a true foodie or just want to be this is the place to be (as well as right here!)

I just read a really good post about cookware. People don't really give too much consideration to their pots and pans but you should! A good set will last you a lifetime.

Check out Metro Kitchen. They are running a special on All-Clad Cookware (this is what we use in our home, hang from a pot hanger for everyone to see and highly recommend) and there is FREE SHIPPING on any orders over $49!!! This can't be beat!

Check it out here Metro Kitchen . This is a limited time offer!

Happy Entertaining!!!


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