Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wonderful, Lazy Saturday

Happy Sunday-

Yesterday was a nice and lazy wonderful Saturday! We went to the skating rink (funny thing to do in Florida) in the morning and saw some of our friends there and then we had to go shopping. Now, I know I have mentioned before that I own a ton of shoes...well I seem to have come to a point where I don't need any more right now!!! Very weird. I still love shoes so now I have taken to buying them for other people???!!! I ended up buying my sister 2 new pairs of shoes and I felt very satisfied. Hmmmm... maybe I do need to talk to a professional about this?

Kyra Skating

Anyway when we got home from all of our Saturday errands we were all a little pooped. So I turned on the computer while everyone else went to their own quiet spots in the house. I was checking out all of the things that I check out every day for No Fear Entertaining. After checking all of that I opened up my website building program to make a few small changes and to my absolute horror my info was no longer there???!!! In a panic I called one of my girlfriends (who thank goodness has so much more knowledge than I have) and we were able to get it all back together. I think sometime that technology just burps and if you are in the vapor line you are screwed! But we got it all figured out and all is well.

After all that excitement though I think Tony felt really bad for me and took us all out for dinner! So it really worked out as an advantage to me in the long run!!!!

Hope you have a great Sunday. We have a birthday party to go to this afternoon so even football can't get into my way this week.

I am making the finishing touches on my ebook so I will have it ready late tomorrow. I am so excited. I have never done an ebook before so this is really thrilling. Boy do I love challenge! Check it out late Monday or early Tuesday. If you have signed up for my newsletter you will receive it as soon as it is done but if you haven't you will need to sign up before you will receive it. It is only going to subscribers of my newsletter. You lucky folks!!!

To sign up you can enter your info in the form to your right or you can go to my website at and sign up there.

Happy Entertaining!!!


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