Monday, September 17, 2007

Wow...what a night???!!!

We had a storm blow through here last night that was one wicked storm. You have to remember that we live in South West Florida. It storms just about every afternoon in the summer so for us a bad storm has to be really bad or we really don't even notice it passing. The one last night sure got our attention. We had a tornado touch down not too far from us and those poor people lost the roofs off of their homes, cars flipped over and piled on top of one another. Just craziness. We were pretty lucky though. We did lose a tree but it didn't blow into the pool screen or the house. It just blew over into the yard. I certainly feel for the people who have lost their homes. 3 years ago we lost our home to Hurricane Charley and we had to move into a rental home for 6 months while we had our home redone. That memory never leaves!
Onto some work now! I had told you all that my e-book would be out today. Well I think I was a little bit ambitious. If I do get it out today it will be very late. I am working on making it he best that it can possibly be so it will definitely be worth the wait.
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