Thursday, September 6, 2007

A True Football Widow!

Definition of a football widow: A football widow is a term for those who have a relationship with a sports fan (often a follower of football, be it American football, soccer, rugby, Australian rules football or other) who pays more attention to the game than to their partner during the sport's season of play. Football widows are usually, but not always, women. Usually the "widow" has little interest in the sport themselves. - Wikipedia

I guess that says it all right there! "Football season" officially starts this weekend. Boy am I not see this is where my family goes in totally separate directions. Tony goes to the TV and I try and drag my children to the mall to do some shopping. No one ends up real happy. I end up spending too much money and the children sure don't like shopping and Tony gets the bills and a couple of cranky kids.

This year though we might try it a little different. Maybe we should have some football parties where the guys can come and watch the game on the big screen TV ( in surround sound...apparently this is important in football???!!!) and the women and the kids can hang outside by the pool. I think if we serve some dip like maybe some spicy chili and corn chips served in this funky football crock pot?

click to learn more and purchase!

Oh well..."football season" only lasts until about January or so doesn't it???

Get yourself a football shaped crock pot and use it at your own party or a party you get invited to! It's sure to be a hit!

Happy entertaining!



Anonymous said...


and Tampa Bay my Local Team.

Heinz Feild is just to far to drive from SW Florida. I get my live football fixes in Tampa now.

I also watch Thursday night, Sunday night and Monday night also so Judy does have a point. She has to watch the tiny 36 inch TV in the bedroom on those nights and she only gets 350+ channels to choose from, BOO HOO!

In my defense this is the only time I really care for TV at all. She has the rest of the year to watch what ever she wants and I never squeal over whatever she watches. If it is something I do not like (read reality TV) there are alot of other things I can find to do!

She also knew what she was in for prior to our marraige. I watched all college and pro games when we where dating. I now only watch Penn State my school, the Stillers, and Tampa my adopted team!

I also pay the Amex bill for all of those Sunday shopping trips!

The defense rests....What say you Mrs. Chiappini?

Your Loving Husband and Football Fan,


barb said...

Go Pats!