Friday, September 21, 2007

Halloween craft for a party

I know this isn't really about entertaining but it is really cute and would make a cute easy decoration for a Halloween Party either at home or at a school party. I am not even sure that most children even have school party's anymore. I think I remember hearing that they weren't allowed to in public school here in our district but my children go to a private school and they have a real fun Halloween walk where we set up stations for them to go and get treats. Then they have a little party in the class and then it is back to work for them!

My friend Barb, has graciously given me some pictures of the craft that she has done for the classroom every year that she had been at the school.

This is what you need to make the spiders. I was able to find the webs last year at Big Lots. Which is a close out store. Maybe try one of those places or dollar stores?

Lollipop Spider Materials:

Lollipop (We use Tootsie Roll Pops)

Three 6 inch pieces of black pipe cleaner

Small movable eyes

1.Wrap pipe cleaners around base of Tootsie Pop, in the center of the cleaners to form an x.

2.Glue eyes on pipe cleaner.

3.Bend ends of pipe cleaner to make them look like legs.

That's it! ( other than attaching to the web!)

Let me know if anyone else has any quick and easy decorating ideas for Halloween!
As Always...
Happy Entertaining!!!

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