Saturday, September 15, 2007

My e-book will be ready on Monday!

Well after working hard, hard, hard all day Thursday on my e-book I took yesterday off and went to the beach with my family and a friend! What a beautiful day it was. The water was clear as clear can be, the waves were just nice and gentle, the sun was hot with a beautiful breeze. Just everything you could ask for from a day at the beach. The shark's teeth were everywhere as well as all of the other fossilized things that we can't ye identify. What a wonderful day!

Well anyway back on we are going to the skating rink for the girls weekly lesson and then to Costco (our weekly pilgrimage). Then my plan is to come home and finish off this book. It will make things so much clearer for all of us aspiring cooks! I am going to be offering it FREE to everyone that has already signed up and FREE to anyone else who signs up. If you haven't signed up you will not get a copy of it! You can sign up were on my blog...the sign up form on the right hand side or on my website at Choose which ever one you want to sign up on...just sign up now.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I sure am!

Happy Entertaining!!!


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