Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Weekend!

By now we all know that I love the weekends. We went out last night as a family to Coconut Point again...I think I have figured out why I like it there so much. There is something for everyone there. Shopping, restaurants, bars, ice cream and candy stores, book stores. But anyway I was able to buy some shoes and anyone who knows me well knows that is probably the very last thing in the world I would need more of!!! By the way if anyone has any good shoe organizing tips I would really appreciate it (so would Tony)!

Tony has just left to go and show a house and we have no other major plans for the day. I guess the big day is tomorrow when "football season" officially starts.

There is a grocery store that just opened up a few weeks ago and today is their "Grand Opening" so when Tony gets home we may go to that. It is Ada's which is a natural, organic, whole foods grocery store and I am really excited about it because it just shows me that people are really starting to take much better care of themselves if a town like ours can sustain a store like that. I am currently working along with another company right now that sells all natural beef "grass fed - granola finished" to bring you a couple of special offers. Now these offers will only be available to people who have signed up for my newsletter. If I don't have your email address you will not know about these special offers. Here is just an small shipping! If you need to sign up you can either sign up right here on my blog or your can go to my website at . I promise you this offer is pretty special.

Hope you have a great weekend and are sharing it with people you love and enjoy. I am!!!

Happy Entertaining!


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