Friday, September 28, 2007

Orange Belt and a celebratory dinner!

My oldest daughter got her Orange Belt last night! I am such a proud Mama! She has been doing Karate for almost 2 1/2 years now and has flown through the Tiger belts and is now on the "Big kids" ones. What a great thing for a little girl to accomplish. I am so incredibly proud!
Breaking the board with an Axe Kick

So to celebrate she wanted to go to the "place with the really good food" that Tony had been to the night before! She is definitely a foodie in training. She wanted to go to Cin Cin which is a nice restaurant that has a really huge tapas (appetizer) menu. Well she was not disappointed. But I have to tell you it so amazing to listen to a 7 year old describe and try to guess what is in the food that she is tasting.
I ordered the smoked salmon on fried goat cheese with a lemon caper vinaigrette and the lamb and rice stuffed grape leaves served with a lemon yogurt sauce. I didn't really think that she would try any of the stuff that I ordered but she did. She wasn't crazy about the stuffed grape leaves but she sure loved the salmon and goat cheese.
For the girls meals they ordered the Crunchy Fried Calamari (their top choice at any restaurant).
Tony had the garlic-chili shrimp and chorizo sausage which my youngest one really liked but the most amazing one was the stuffed quail - They took a quail and stuffed it with Fontina cheese and walnuts then wrapped prosciutto around it and cooked it...Yummmmm. Now the funniest thing though was that my 7 year took a bite of this, cocked her head to the side and had a really perplexed look on her face and said "Mmmm I wonder what the crunchy is in this...could it be nuts?" So funny. That sure made her Daddy proud! What a great food adventure her life will be!!!

As Always...
Happy Entertaining!!!


CommonDialog said...

Tell your daughter congrats on her orange belt and for being such a great foodie.

It is amazing to watch our children learn to enjoy food. My son actually wanted to eat vegetables tonight... it was stunning (he's only two and does well with fruit, meat, and rice, but not veggies.)

So congrats all around are in order. And if you can come up with a recipe for the goat cheese, PLEASE share it!

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

I was thinking about trying it this weekend...look for a recipe next week!