Sunday, September 9, 2007

Football is on.....

Have I mentioned how much I dislike football!!! Pretty sure you have the point by now. But seriously now once it starts that is all there is. Last night Tony TIVO'd a game so when I went to bed I got to here the lovely sound of the remote and TV "boinging" through the fast forward and pause etc. Then this morning we runaround like crazy people trying to get things done before a 1:00 kick off! Oh well maybe I should do a count down to super bowl?

Enough about that! I am having a Partylite candle party in October. I would never have them but for the fact that the girl who does the party is a ton of fun and of course I love their product. I will be figuring out food and drinks as it gets a bit closer. So stay tuned in!

Happy Entertaining!!!


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