Friday, October 17, 2008

October 17, 2008 - Finest Foodies Friday

Jenn - The Leftover Queen is out of town and she has decided (after I begged and begged and told her how worthy I was!) to allow me to take over her Finest Foodie Friday post while she was away. Just to let you all know this is harder than it looks! I had to choose 5 blogs (only 5 blogs???) out of 2416!!!

As always here is what the FFF is all about. Finest Foodies Friday! FFF is a weekly Friday post featuring favorites from The Foodie Blogroll! We do this so we can share in the rich diversity of what The Foodie Blogroll has to offer by featuring some of our favorites yours! What is the Foodie Blogroll? It is the first and fastest growing free membership blogroll for food bloggers and has become a wonderful community (just under 2000 strong) to share ideas about all things food related.

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My method of choice here was purely selfish. I wanted to find 5 food blogs that shared the same ideas and philosophy that I have about food (local or organic, minimal meat) but, have never been to their blogs before! How fun for me. These are the 5 that I choose in no particular order at all:

Alexandra of Alexandra Cooks- This is a beautiful blog with wonderful photos. Alexandra describes herself as an avid supporter of the local food movement. Go look at her pics!

VB of Feed Yourself-Another blog with beautiful pictures and with a focus on real food recipes. This is their blog description: Forget food from a box or plastic package. There is plenty of real, whole food out there. Go get it and feed yourself! Couldn't have said it better myself!

Amy of Super Healthy Kids - This is a mother of three kids, a graduate of Health Education, and who loves food. She says that this blog is the journey of trying to practice what she preaches, and how difficult, yet rewarding it can be. I am on a similar journey so this blog was very attractive to me. Love her position on HFCS!

Dog Hill Kitchen- This blogger loves cooking from scratch and trying new things. She tries to buy locally as much as possible and to keep most processed foods out of her families diet. She is an omnivore but eats vegan/vegetarian meals several times a week. I love this blog because the philosophy is very similar to what our family has!

Feeding Maybelle- This family started this blog when they thought Belle (the baby) was allergic to dairy. They kept going because they realized that they loved the vegan foods were making. But, as they say, they are omnivores; and they eat a great deal of local, vegetarian, vegan…they eat a lot. Once again the philosophy is similar to mine and I couldn't resist!

Well that the list for this week. I have tried to choose blogs that have not been featured but I may or may not have succeeded but regardless I now have 5 more blogs to follow myself!!! Come back next week for another installment of my FFF!!!

Remember, if you would like to see a blog featured here, who is part of the FBR please visit the forum and nominate them. I NEED NOMINATIONS!!!!!!

Also we all love to know how people came to find our blogs, so please visit all of our featured bloggers today and don’t forget to tell them that you found them via Finest Foodies Friday!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Peter M said...

Bravo Judy and a job well done...a seamless pinch-hit while Jenn's away.

It's also nice to see you do "some work"! ;)

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Great job Judy with the FFF!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love having posts to look forward too, I haven't even heard of a few of these guys. :)

Núria said...

Fantastic job, Judy! It's so hard to choose... all bloggers do such a wonderful effort and work!

Ivy said...

Great Job Judy and a lovely choice of bloggers. I know a couple of them. Shall find more about the others.

Darius T. Williams said...

Ahh - you've picked some really great bloggers!


glamah16 said...

I know Feeding Maybelle and Dog Hill Kitchen. They are awesome. Great job .

Andrew Abraham said...

You have picked GREAT FOOD BLOGS..and they all have great recipes...and pictures... keep up the great work...thanks


maybelle's mom said...

Hey, thanks for the pick and the kind words. I do love the gang you put together. (Though to be honest, I had been picked once before.)