Friday, October 24, 2008

October 24, 2008 - Finest Foodies Friday

Once again here I am, entrusted for another week, of doing FFF. This week I had the daunting task of choosing just 5 blogs from 2456 blogs that are on The Foodie Blogroll!!! Can you just imagine for a second what this is like????

As always here is what the FFF is all about. Finest Foodies Friday! FFF is a weekly Friday post featuring favorites from The Foodie Blogroll! Jenn does this so we can all share in the rich diversity of what The Foodie Blogroll has to offer by featuring some of her favorites and yours! What is the Foodie Blogroll? It is the first and fastest growing free membership blogroll for food bloggers and has become a wonderful community to share ideas about all things food related.

The only requirement to be featured here on FFF is to be a member of The Foodie Blogroll and be displaying The Foodie Blogroll widget on your blog. If you are not yet a member, but you have a food blog and would like to join, please click here!

If you have a favorite foodblog on The Foodie Blogroll, that you would like to be featured here on FFF, please join Jenn over on The Leftover Queen/Foodie Blogroll Forum, and post your favorite Foodie Blogroll foodblogs here.

The method that I used for this week was to go back one year and highlight blogs that joined this same week last year. Now remember I could only pick 5 so if yours wasn't highlighted it was for no other reason than these were the first ones I looked at!

Two Fat Als is a cooking blog for young foodies. It is written and photographed by two New York City graduate students, Alanna and Alex. The recipes are designed for college students, young graduates and anyone else looking for healthy, cost-effective and delicious recipes! And aren't we all right now!!! They joined The Foodie Blogroll on October 19, 2007

Give Peas a Chance is a really nice blog featuring many recipes and some excellent lunch ideas. Go on check it out! They joined The Foodie Blogroll on October 24, 2007

Tangerine's Kitchen Some incredible looking cakes on this site! You need to check these out! They joined The Foodie Blogroll on October 20, 2007

Baltimore Snacker Describes himself as just a guy from Baltimore who likes to try out old and new restaurants and recipes. Go check out his blog featuring Baltimore. He joined The Foodie Blogroll October 20, 2007

Lunch Bucket Bento Self described as jumping on the Bento bandwagon and documenting the journey. This is a fun site with the focus on lunch! They joined The Foodie Blogroll on October 22, 2007

Remember, if you would like to see a blog featured on FFF, who is part of the FBR please visit the forum and nominate them. JENN NEED NOMINATIONS!!!!!!

Also we all love to know how people came to find our blogs, so please visit all of our featured bloggers today and don’t forget to tell them that you found them via Finest Foodies Friday!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Darius T. Williams said...

Yes - another set of great picks.


sj said...

Great picks Judy! And I just want to say what a great job you've done it Jenn's absence... thanks for doing it!

Emily said...

Congrats to all them foodies!

Rachel said...

wow I am Awed!!!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the great tips!

Heather said...

There's a giant tacky Rachel Ray ad in the middle of this post. :P

I love Lunch Bucket Bentos! It's great to see her getting some love.