Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday's Feast #170

After a week off due to Thanksgiving we are right back on track again with another Friday Feast! Hope you enjoy it...

What is your favorite carnival/amusement park ride?

I have always and will always love The Zipper...would I ever ride it now? No way. As we grow older I think we realize just how many things can go wrong on a crazy, unnatural ride like that!!! Will I die a thousand deaths inside the first time that I have to watch my children ride it? Oh most definitely!


How do you react in uncomfortable social situations?

I guess I haven't been in one in so long I am not really sure how I react. I probably become more loud and outgoing than I usually am due to being nervous about it.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy discussing deep, philosophical topics?

Probably about a 2 or 3. I really have so much on my mind right now that there is no room for deep, philosophical if someone wanted to discuss my grocery list I would be able to hang alright!

Main Course

Did you get a flu shot this year? If not, do you plan to?

I was going to but I never got around to it so probably not. I had meant to get one for my girls but never did that either. I am calling as I type this! Thanks for the reminder!


Approximately how many hours per week do you spend watching television?

Maybe about 4 or 5. I don't even know what movies are out this season!!!

Hope you have a great sister is flying in tonight so I know I will!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Linda said...

Glad you are getting your flu shots, especially for your kids.

h said...

Hey, Friday's Feast reminded you to do a good deed! Happy FF.

jennyr said...

zipper sounds like a fun ride but I am so scared of those fast ones...hehehe! nice feast! mine's served here:

Rach said...

I like how this feast has reminded us all about flu shots!

Julie said...

enjoyed your feast. You can keep those rides Not for me anymore:)
Saw your blog on my blog catalog. Stop by any time.