Monday, November 12, 2007

It's a catch up day!!!

It seems like for the last couple of weeks all I have been doing is running at full speed. Sometimes into a brick wall but other times just doing regular everyday type things! Today I had planned to use the day as sort of a catch up and get myself organized type of day. Well...I don't know about you but always my best laid plans never seem to pan out quite as well as I had planned.

T. was going to take the children to school this morning so I could get right in to all of my chores today. Well I woke up to a pile of doggie doo on the floor. Our Black Lab is 15 and he is having some problems lately. Anyway I got up and went to get some paper towels to clean it up and when I went for the towels I, of course, needed to grab a new roll. We store our towels in with our hot water heater. The paper towels were soaked. I woke T. up and told him that we had several things that needed attention...RIGHT NOW!!! Poor guy. Nothing quite like being shrieked awake???!!! We got that issue all straightened out all the doggie mess all cleaned. On to the next crisis...

My oldest daughter woke up and just looked horrible. She has a bit of a cold but she just looks very sick so I knew that there was no way she was going to school. So this was challenge number 3 of the day. Just then my cell phone rang and it was my friend Lynn telling me that she would not be able to go to the school and help set up for the book fair....Crap, I had on top of everything else forgotten all about the book fair!!! My plans now need to be completely altered and on top of that I have a sick child. We all got ready and headed out to the school. T. was going to stay home and wait for the plumber to come and fix the water heater. Everything was back on track again. We all went to the school. My youngest daughter went to her classroom and I kept the oldest one with me. She laid around and read some of the books and then we came home. The plumber came and repaire te water heater and all is well again. Even being home is just craziness.

Needless to say it amazing that I have been able to get my blog even written today. I did manage to get some muffins baked. I have been trying to get an entry together for the Sugar High Friday for November. I think I may have succeeded with the recipe but now I need to ice and decorate them! I will post my entry with pictures for all to see when I finally get it done. I still have some bread baking in the oven and I need to go and pick up my youngest daughter and then go to the grocery store and figure out dinner...the list just goes on and on!!!!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!


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