Sunday, December 2, 2007

What a wonderful and amazing weekend!

I am so blessed to have a family that is so wonderful and friends that are so great!

My sister flew in on Friday night and we have been going hard since then. I picked her up from the airport and we decided that we would go out for a couple of drinks and some food before she entered my crazy house for the week (she lives in a very quiet house with only her husband and a great, floppy chocolate lab). We decide that we would go to The Joint which is right down the street from us.

The next morning the poor thing woke to a very loud house and we raced around and got ready to go for the skating lessons. In the afternoon we went shopping. T. had a meeting in the afternoon and my sister and I had plans to go to a surprise party for a friend of mine. T. was running real late so I decided that I would make dinner for the girls. Now, who really wants to make a major meal for 2 little girls??? I made pancakes for them. At the last minute I decide to throw in some still frozen mixed berries...what a mess that was. I guess I needed to take a bit of time and thaw them??? They were in clumps in the batter. Regardless I cooked them up and T. called just as I was finishing and said that he had dinner plans for the girls???!!! Oh least we had a great breakfast today!

The surprise party last night was great and Wendy was plenty surprised and we all had a great night out without the kids!

Today we got up and decided that since we had a Canadian visitor amongst us that we just had to have a beach day! Now you have to understand something about south Florida...that water is very, very cold to us this time of year so we generally stay away for the beach unless, of course, we have visitors. It was really a beautiful day. The sky was bright blue and the water was clear as clear could be. My sister loved it and so did we. It really makes us realize how good we have it here especially since most places up north are under about a foot of newly fallen snow!!!

Tonight was a quick dinner out and then back to our regular lives tomorrow! Children off to school and my sister and I off to the malls!!! We have waited all weekend for the girls to be back in school so that we can go and do what we love best...SHOPPING!!! I am even setting up a special visit for us to J Crew. My salesman there is going to set up a personal shopping trip for us complete with wine! Life is soooo good!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

As always...

Happy Entertaining!!!


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Danni said...

What a great sister you are! It sounds like you've made this trip memorable and fun for her. How'd the private J Crew session turn out? :-)