Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sugar High Friday #37 - The Beta Carotene Harvest

I have only been doing this blog for a short time and every day I seem to find something else that I would really like to add or do. Last week I stumble across a challenge called Sugar High Fridays. I have found that I really love participating in these challenges and they certainly are challenging me! If it weren't for these to challenge me and test what I can do I would probably have a pretty boring blog!

This month's Sugar High Friday was so much fun for me because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! You see, every month a different blog gets to host the challenge and this months challenge is hosted by an incredibly creative and funny blog called Definitely not Martha. The theme was The Beta Carotene Harvest. Now most of the things that I cook and bake my children don't like so they will taste them but not eat them. I think by now I have given away so much food to the teachers at my girl's school that they no longer bring lunch to school but count on me to feed them!!! All joking aside I knew what I would do for this one because my kids love pumpkin bread and muffins!

I made "Not your Granny's Pumpkin Muffins" - The kids and T. helped with the name!

I made them so that they were full of the rich fall spices. Even the smell to these was amazing. It lingered in my house way longer than I expected. I wish that I could make a candle that had the scent that these muffins had - and yep...the teachers loved it as well!

The recipe ended up being really long so it is in the link above or click here !

These would make a great addition to a buffet table for Thanksgiving or as a hostess gift for the host of the dinner!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!


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Ann said...

These look wonderful. COngrats on your first SHF!

Ann at Redacted Recipes