Sunday, November 18, 2007

We hate Comcast!!!!...but love Thanksgiving

Well after 2 days of no Internet service we are finally back again. This week (Tuesday we hope) we will be ridding ourselves forever of the evil Comcast. Here's a bit of history...about 9 months ago we were forced to change our Internet service from Time-Warner to Comcast. We had been with Time-Warner since about 1988 so changing was pretty traumatic. Anything that we had ever signed up for had our old email addresses. Now Comcast did tell us that we would have a short grace period where our old email addresses would still be forwarded to us. Well that never f**** happened. So changing this meant changing our email addresses and everything. No small feat to be honest with you! Up til now I have still been having trouble with passwords that were with my old email address! Now due to horrible service (they will actually hang up on you) and more outages than working days we are being forced once again to make a change. I think human nature dictates that none of us like change all that much anyway but when a huge task is looming in front of you it is even worse! I ever looking forward to next week???!!!

Fortunately though there is a light at the end of that long tunnel and we have Thanksgiving next week as well. As usual I have invited a ton of people so it should be a great day! We will end up having close to 20 people for dinner. But am I afraid? No Way!!! We live for this stuff. We already have the meal all planned out. This one is a big one for us so T. usually does most of the cooking. or at least most of the prep work. I like to make it pretty! So I spend a huge amount of time just making it all look good. I always get so excited knowing that my house will be full of screaming happy children and relaxed laid back adults and then along comes the food and that is when we really shine. We will be frying a turkey once again this year. I will fill you in on the whole menu later this week.

This will prove to be a very busy week though. The children also have a Thanksgiving Luncheon in each of their classes. This year we are in charge of the turkey and stuffing for my oldest daughter's class so we already have a 20 pound turkey in our very small refrigerator thawing out! For my younger daughter's class I think I will be trying out a new recipe with baked Sweet Potatoes and Apples (I'll post this recipe once I find out how it is and what I am going to change to make it better). I would like to serve this on our Thanksgiving as we have a vegetarian and I am always looking for new recipes fro her to try!

Hope your weekend is full of friends and family!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!


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