Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can you say hectic?...but lots of fun!!!

Yesterday for the girl's Thanksgiving luncheon I made a new recipe. I have never really liked sweet potatoes or squash but I keep trying them. I try all sorts of different recipes but nothing has really done it for me...that is until now. I made a Sweet Potato & Apple bake that was really, really good! I really have no idea where I got the original recipe from but it has been in my recipe box for years and years. I went hunting for a Thanksgiving recipe and there it was. I did change it around quite a bit so I am not sure that the old recipe even applies but it did give me the inspiration to come up with apples and sweet potatoes together!

The dish went very quickly so the teachers didn't even get to take anything home with them! Anyway here is the recipe Sweet Potato & Apple Bake (will feed 8-10 people). I would have loved to take some pictures to show you but we wee in such a rush trying to get out the door with a Turkey (very hot turkey at that!), stuffing, sweet potato and apple bake, and gravy (we had so many requests for the gravy secret I will try and post that later today!) that I forgot my camera or to take pictures before we left!!!

Today is a day of preparation. We have 16 people coming for dinner tomorrow and what a meal is in store for them.

fried turkey
corn casserole
mashed potatoes
oyster dressing
sweet potatoes
green beans
pumpkin pie
and my now famous pumpkin muffins

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!


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