Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dinner out and a bout of food poisoning!

Last night was a great night. The weather was warm but windy and T. being the great guy he is wanted to take us all out for dinner. We went to Hemingway's Island Grill at the Coconut Point Mall. It was very good. Had a nice plate of shrimp marinated in a sweet rum sauce served with black beans and rice and a fruit salsa. They had a nice wine list with lots of wine by the glass which is always nice for us because rarely do we drink the same wine when out. This time though T. ordered a different wine and then had another glass but ordered the same as me! It was shortly after we left though that it hit. Poor T. was sick. He raced back to the restaurant and spent plenty of time in side while me and the girls danced to the music playing outside. T. had gone out for lunch and I guess he got the bad side of a Cuban sandwich wrap. He sure was not feeling well. So it cut the shopping short but I think he'll survive!

I forgot my camera (of course) but I have some pictures of my crazy dog that I took yesterday. He actually climbs up the ladder and slides down the slide. There is nothing quite as sweet as children and their dog!!! These are taken through my pool screen hence the fuzzy, mesh picture!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Awww..I hope T is feeling better by now:D Your dog seems like a real people person:D

Anonymous said...

Oh my, your dog is just too cool!! :)

Danni said...

Awww, our big ol' black retriever used to do this on slides, too. I'll bet your kids think this is just awesome. That sucks about the food poisoning - there is almost nothing worse. Nice weather you all have got. So...when you go on vacation, do you go to, like, Alaska or Calgary to cool off? :-)

JoAnn said...

Poor T! I've got some herbal liquor from germany that cures any stomach ills!

Anonymous said...

My old roommates' dog used to do that. Of course, because of the breed, we had to bring him to the park late at night when no one was around, but it was really his favorite activity.

Sorry about T's bout with food poisoning! I hope he's feeling better soon.

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Hi Val - Thanks T. is much better now! The dog is young (14 months) so he is like a little one himself!

Robin-He is pretty cool isn't he?

Hi Danni-That dog has turned out to be the best toy ever! He will put up with anything. For vacation we hightail it to the mountains in NC!

JoAnn-I need some of that stomach stuff you keep bragging on!

Fearless Kitchen - T is better already. The great thing about food poisoning is onces it's out it's done!

Heather said...

Aww, food poisoning sucks! But FYI, it was probably something he ate hours earlier (it takes awhile for the bacteria to "gestate"), and you'd probably have gotten sick, too, if it was the Cuban food.

Food poisoning REALLY is not my fave.