Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh Nooo!!!

Yesterday I tried to make the Apple Cranberry Muffins. They taste really good but the pictures don't do them any justice...actually the pictures look better than they really look. My own fault though. I hate for the kids to have all purpose flour and white sugar. We believe that the closer o nature you stay the healthier it is. So I substituted all purpose flour for Wheat flour and white sugar for organic brown sugar. I know that there is something that I need to take into consideration when I do this (less whole wheat flour? more sugar? more liquid?) but I am always into a recipe when I realize that once again I forgot to look this up. If anyone has any ideas let me know!

Doesn't it just figure? I spent most of last night making food for my party tonight and then my oldest daughter woke up this morning sick!!! I think we will be able to quarantine her okay and there won't be any children here so on with the party we go!!!


Wild Mushroom Dip
Spinach Veggie Sandwiches - Done
Make Ahead Marinated Shrimp - Done
Cream Cheese Lollipops
Brownies - Done

So I am well under control. I just have to clean a bit and then I am all set.

Happy Entertaining!!!



Fruity said...

Cranberry..Is it gonna be sour, I wonder. Nice recipe blog

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

No I used dried cranberries so of course "they" have to go and add sugar to them. But there isn't that much sugar in the recipe so the sweet from them added to it. Mine don't look so great but they are nice and healthy and sure taste good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,

I hope your daughter is feeling better now. The cupcake looks yummy to me, misformed or not (^-^)

have a good weekend!

Thistlemoon said...

They sound delicious! Sometimes muffins don't look as good as they taste!

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