Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another crazy weekend!

I woke up yesterday just like every other morning, a little stiff, a little achy (we were in a serious car accident about 3 years ago and are still being treated so this is normal). Little did I know that within an hour I would hardly be able to move my head!!! I somehow ended up with a huge knot in my neck as have pain halfway down my back, through my chest and head!!! Not nearly as much fun as it sounds. Oh still goes on and I still have things to do!

I am in the midst of preparing for my Partylite Candle party which is gong to be on Thursday night. I am pretty excited. I have a bunch of new recipes that I can't wait to try out. I can't wait to give you the recipes and have pictures to show you as well!

Partylite Party Menu

Wild Mushroom Dip
Spinach Veggie Sandwiches
Make Ahead Marinated Shrimp
Cream Cheese Lollipops

I am kinda stumped on a drink to make. If anyone has any ideas that would help me greatly! I would like something that I can make a big batch of and have in pitchers to serve during the party. I should have about 15 or so people. Any ideas????

Happy Entertaining!!!


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Karin W. said...

Hi Judy! Thanks for visiting my blog.

This drink comes from Lapland in Sweden, where there are a lot of lingonberries. I guess lingonberry juice concentrate can be purchased in USA.

For each glass you´ll need 6 cl vodka, 3 cl lime, lingonberry juice concentrate (not to much). Fill the glass with tonic water.

Substitute: I suppose cranberry juice tastes like lingonberry juice, but I´m not sure.