Tuesday, October 23, 2007

8 days til Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun holiday! The colors are great, no presents to buy and lots and lots of CANDY!!! I think that I can honestly say that there is not a candy in existence that I don't like. How sad is that???

We have a Halloween party to go to on Saturday night so I thought I would bring a cute little chip and dish thing.

This is an idea that I found on the Internet (I have no idea where...if anyone know let me know so I can give credit) with a sweet dip for graham cookies. I think around Halloween the very last thing that we need is more sweets so I am just going to steal this idea and fill 2 small pumpkin with some chip dip and some veggie dip and serve it with veggies and potato chips. I really liked the idea and it will look so cute on a table!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!


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