Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Monday!

I am still trying to get all of my recipes from the Partylite party that I had last Thursday together and on here! Just bear with me though...I had a huge problem with my website over the weekend and that took a lot of time away from me. Sorry to anyone who was trying to check it out. All they got was a Halloween recipe!!! All fixed up now though or at least better than it was!

Here is the recipe for the Smoked Salmon Lollipop's:

Green onions (cleaned and all wilted outside leaves removed)
Plain or herbed cream cheese (block - not in a tub)
Good quality smoked salmon

Slice the cream cheese into thick slices and wrap carefully around each onion. Press the cream cheese together gently and it will seal right onto the onion. Wrap a slice of the salmon around the cream cheese and the onion and gently press together. Place nicely on a plate and serve! Can be made earlier in the day and covered and refrigerated until your guests arrive.

As Always...

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