Thursday, January 3, 2008

Oh Baby , is it cold outside!!!

This is my neighbor's house. He had the sprinklers going and you can see where the grass has frozen!!!

Man it is cold here. We are so spoiled here that we actually complain when it is hot in December! Today was a rude awakening for all of us. It was 32 when I got up at 7:00! Brr. But lucky for us it will be short lived and will warm up quite nicely for the weekend!

I ahve been pretty sick with the flu all week but today it seems to be easing up as well. I was able to get up and clean up all of the mess that has accumulated while I was down. I have a bunch of errands to run today so this will be a quick post!

One of the days when I was sick I heard the kids and T in the kitchen making one of my oldest daughter's "recipe's". She likes to make up food inventions and then feed them to us. This one involved ice cream so I was all over it! It ended up tasting pretty good (I think - my taste buds were shot but how can ice cream be bad?).
The recipe was Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with Pineapple juice. The juice is not to be poured over the top but squirted on with a baster of some sort!

This was the finished product! Yummy...really hit the spot when I was sick!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Deborah said...

I wish our low was just 32F!! We're lucky if that's the high right now!!

Danni said...

I *love* that song, especially the Dean Martin version!
Glad to hear you're feeling cream does have healing properties, you know. :-)