Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First Step Towards Simplifying My Life!

Last night was the first small step towards reaching my goal of simplifying my life in 2008. Always before Tuesdays were incredibly hectic in the Chiappini house. But now my oldest daughter has gotten her green belt in Karate (congrats my love!) we are now able to switch some of the nights that she needs to go. Then on Tues both of the girls will be able to go ice skating and I won't be expected to be in both places and try and get dinner together. This way I can organize dinner and have T. throw it on so that it can be ready for us when we get home. Pretty slick huh?

Last night I decided that I was just going to have a big old salad but they were going to have pizza. I didn't really think that I needed to make pizza dough for just the 2 of them so I figured that we could use tortilla shells topped with sauce, or olive oil, and cheese and bake them until they were nice and crispy. Sounds like it should have worked well huh? I guess with all of the stuff on the pizza's they were a little gummy when the cheese was nice and brown so we had to cook them a little extra. I would definitely do this again. It is great when you are tight for time and need a fast and filling meal!

This could also be used during a sleep over or any other type of kid party! You can let the girls build their own "tortilla pizza". How cool would that be?

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Thistlemoon said...

Hi Judy!

I love making tortilla pizzas - the less you put on them, the better they stand up and actually are crunchy. The kids I taught at cooking camp this summer loved making them!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your daughter!

I love tortilla pizzas! I used to make one for myself everyday after school when I was younger. :)

Unknown said...

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