Friday, December 28, 2007


We have been so busy and I think that this has been the longest time between posts for me since I started this blog back in August. The holidays have just been so wonderful that I wanted to stay in every moment and not stop and write about it! Does that make any sense? I am very much and in the moment person I guess. We don't even own a video camera because my theory on it is that I would miss too much of what was going on because I would be trying to tape it all for the future???!!! Never made a while lot of sense to me! Anyway we have been out having a ton of fun.
The girls got Roller Blades from Santa this year and wow do they ever like them. My oldest daughter has hardly taken them off of her feet but to bathe and sleep! We did get them off of her long enough one day to go ice skating with their Uncle Lee. This was a real treat because T and I can't skate with them due to our neck injuries so they got to hangout with someone on the ice!

Last night though was one of the best. About a month ago I made reservations for the 5 of us (T., me, my sister, her husband and my Mom) to go to Truluck's for dinner. Now this has become one of our favourite special occasion restaurants. I am not going to do a full review on it but the service is amazing, food is awesome (does anyone use that word anymore???) and the location is magical! We hired a babysitter and all piled into T. big, honkin truck and made the journey to Naples. Worth every minute of the hour long drive! My Mom seemed to especially enjoy it maybe because while living by herself she has so many meals alone or because it was a huge splurge for all of us...whatever the reason it was great for all of us to be together enjoying another great meal!
This was the entree that we had (mom, sister and me!) Blue crab stuffed snapper on a bed of crab fried rice!

This was one of 4 desserts that we ordered. This was the creme brulee. I have never seen such a big one so we just had to have it. Along with Chocolate Fudge cake, the best carrot cake ever and a bowl of fresh berries with whipped cream!

Today is my sister and her husbands last day...they are leaving tomorrow morning to head back to the snowy tundra of Canada, back to work, back to peace and quiet (my house is so not quiet at the best of times but imagine it with 2 children, 4 dogs and 5 adults!!!), still they will miss us all.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays as well!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!


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