Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Well we made it this far...we are in the home stretch!!! The above picture is of my youngest daughter flying into the arms of my sister who drove all the way from Toronto (about 1600 miles with her husband and 2 dogs) to surprise the girls!!! I thought it was a really cool shot.

We always do an adult celebration on Christmas Eve which usually turns into a wrapping party but this year we were smart and wrapped everything earlier in the day so we could just hang out and enjoy each other and share some really good food!

The food was mainly bought at a gourmet market that opened just this year called The Sandy Butler. Really incredible cheeses and great parma ham!This is a huge plateful of Fresh Florida Shrimp steamed in Old Bay seasoning!

For breakfast this morning I made Baked Apple French Toast. This turned out to be incredible and the best part was that it was made last night and popped into the oven and baked while we all opened presents! I had made a similar dish to this a couple of years ago and it was terrible but this one was excellent!
Hope your holiday is as wonderful as ours is proving to be! Off to Starbuck's...they need the tips on Christmas Day too!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Danni said...

Oh, look at the joy on your daughter's face. Combined with your sister's outstretched arms ready to squeeze her, that's a prize-winning photo!!
Must be nice to be barefoot and in a tank top in December! :-)

kellypea said...

Yum on that French toast. We had a version that didn't include the apples (which were in the bread pudding...) YUM. Where would we be without food? Um...thin? No thanks. Sounds like your holiday was great!