Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One of those days...ummm weeks!!!

I guess it is all the holiday excitement that is buzzing around but boy oh boy am I ever flaky right now. In the past week I have made 2 purchases that I have left behind at the stores, gotten lost going to places that I know and made major scheduling mistakes!!! Oh well let's hope next week is better. My Mom flies in on Tuesday so I'm sure it will be!

Anyway, onto dinner last night. Tuesday night is the crazy night in the Chiappini house. Karate and Skating in opposite directions. T. does Karate and I go skating. We always have to have a dinner plan on Tuesday night. Last night it was steak. A nice, easy, quick marinade and then onto the grill and then to the plates. Served alongside a salad it makes a really great dinner!

Marinated Flap (or Flank) Steak

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!


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