Monday, August 27, 2007

Wow...It's Monday Already!

I find it absolutely amazing how quickly time passes on the weekend! Saturday we went to a birthday party and just hung out with some friends. My girlfriend always does such an excellent job at entertaining. Nice and casual, plenty of stuff for the kids to do as well as the parents. This party was a birthday party for her daughter who turned 5. She always has the parties at her house and she always makes the cake. I have to admit that when it comes to parties for my children I always do it away from my house (less clean up, more structure, faster and I really hate to say this but easier!), so I really respect that she has them in her home and the children love them as well. It reminds me of the parties we always had when we were growing up. Very special memories!

We spent Sunday hanging out at the beach with a bunch of our friends. Hot, sunny, nice breeze off of the water. Everything you could ask for on a day at the beach!

The really exciting thing that we did though was to buy a fruit and vegetable juicer and we have been playing around with it all weekend! Boy oh Boy does fresh juice taste great! As of now we have only done fruit juices and it works wonderfully for them. I will let you know about the vegetables as I get more into it. So far we have juiced grapes, watermelon, blueberries, pineapple, apples, pears, and cherries. The best combination we have found has been grape, cherry, blueberry, apple and pear all done together. Yummy and a ton of fun to play with!!! I have found it very easy to clean which I was worried about because we had one when I was a little girl and I still remember the dreaded cleaning!

Maybe you want to buy one for yourself. I will be putting out more recipes and combinations of juices in the next few days!

This is the one that we bought
Jack LaLanne Stainless Steel Power Juicer

This one sounds very close but it isn't stainless.
Jack LaLanne's JFPJ-B Power Juicer Juicing Machine

Have a great Monday!!!


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