Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The preparation has begun!

This is when it starts to get so exciting. Labor Day is just around the corner and I am already starting to prepare for our party. You do not have to start as early as I have but I like to know what I have and what I am going to need. Once you have your menu figured out you can then start figuring out what you will need. Here are the steps that I usually go through to get all of my supplies:

  • I make a master list of all items that I am going to need.
  • Go through that list and cross of all of the things that I already have on hand.
  • Make a new list of the things that I know I don't have from the other list.
  • Separate that list by store (I know what I can buy at Costco and what I will have to get at Publix)

My Monthly Newsletter (sign up now at www.nofearentertaining.com) will have all of this information figured out for you. Each recipe has a shopping list and then there is a master list of all the items you will need for the menu of the month. This Shopping List is separated into a Shopping List and then a separate Pantry list which is items that you may already have on hand.

Today was the day that I normally go grocery shopping so I was able to buy all of the non perishable items that I needed from there. I will wait until Saturday to get all of the perishable items. I will also get lots of ice so I can fill up coolers that I will use to hold the food until the party on Sunday.

I also called out local rental center today to order some extra folding chairs. If you are having a lot of people over this is something that I would recommend. I was able to get as many extra chairs as I wanted for less than $2 a piece! I never worry about there being enough table space but most people like to it when they eat.

Keeping checking back for more updates and tips!

Happy Entertaining!



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