Friday, February 22, 2008

I have such a great life...

Sauteed Summer Squash and Zucchini

Today is one of those days that I truly love being me and love the life that I have. I have cleaners come in and clean my house on Friday's so they are always really good days for me anyway (neck injury from a car accident prevents me from doing it awwwwww, who am I kidding, my husband is just super awesome and has someone come in and do it for me!!!).

So this morning I took the girls to school and went and returned something to the grocery store and was heading home when suddenly my car turned the wrong way and I ended up at Barnes & Noble????!!! Not a bad turn huh? Got myself a Starbuck's (yep I know, but I really, really, really like a non-fat green tea latte light on the sweet) and took my latte and went to peruse the cookbook section. I found a book that made me so happy that I would have paid any amount for it...lucky it didn't cost that much!!! I paid for my happy books and I left.
The Homegrown book was the one I would have lusted over and obsessed about so would have had to go back and buy it anyway...I just saved myself a trip.

I knew I needed to go to Ada's (similar to Whole Foods) and get a ripe avocado (they are NEVER ripe at the grocery store and I needed it for tonight). I argued with the manager's about them not selling enough local produce and no local fresh eggs (I do this every time...sooner or later they will recognize me but for now I think they think that a lot of people are looking for this stuff!).

Can you tell I am just killing time? I like to walk into my house after it has been cleaned and not see the cleaners doing it...I guess that helps to rid me of the guilt (boy do our minds work in strange, wonderful, crazy ways!). Sooner or later I had to go home...when I got here they were still here but T. was just leaving and had let the dogs out before he left. As I was taking the recycling out I started calling for the young, crazy golden to come. He came running and went flying past me and that's when it first hit me...the gross, sickening, evil smell of whatever it was that he had just rolled in!!!!! I can't tell you if it was something that was decomposing or if it was just plain crap...but OMG did it ever reek!!! Now remember my house is just being cleaned...I was devastated but should be used to it. One of these days I would just like to have my house stay clean for even half a day. But my problem now was how was I going to destink him? In a round about way this is one of the things that I am also so grateful is 80 degrees out so I grabbed the dog, garden hose and some shampoo! He only got away from me once, covered in soap and rolling all over the ground AGAIN...and I swear I heard someone laughing (one of my neighbors maybe) but now he is all cleaned up, smelling sweet and banished to the pool deck until he is completely dry!!!
The girl's dinner - Radicchio, shrimp and summer squash and zucchini

Now for last nights dinner - Remember the boat shrimp? I had bought 3 pound and had only used one in the pasta from Wednesday night so I needed to get those cooked up. I decided to just sautee them in garlic and butter. I tossed my in some fresh pesto and T. used some of the garlic hot sauce that we got on Sunday at the Sweetwater Sunday Market. The girls ate theirs plain.
T.'s shrimp with the garlic hot sauce

We sauteed up some summer squash and zucchini with garlic, salt, pepper, ans paprika. And I broiled the radicchio this time. It turned out good but I still like it grilled the best!
Broiled radicchio

I also got another gallon of goat milk yesterday so of course I had to make pudding for everyone right away. I wanted to show you that even when you don't have all of the "right" equipment their are always ways to make do! Below is what I use for a double worked great for my lemon meringue pie last month and for the pudding it is awesome as well. Don't get me wrong, I love gadgets and special tools but that is one that has never really seemed too necessary to me!
My Double Boiler

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Susan from Food Blogga said...

My car took a wrong turn the other day, and I spent two hours at Borders. I love those kinds of afternoons.

Anonymous said...

looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

That is so nice of dh to do that for you. I can't stand having a dog in the house. lol

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I love the kind of wandering days when we can just do what we want. I wandered into Choices yesterday and came out with all kinds of wonderful goodies to make in the kitchen...yes I wander around grocery stores..but this is no ordinary grocery store :D

Heather said...

Your double-boiler looks exactly like mine! lol I don't believe in "unit-taskers". The gospel of Alton Brown has trained me well.

I'm hoping today - a glorious, sunny springy day - will come close to the kind of day you had!

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Susan - I love those days. Too bad they don't come more often!

Jasmine31-yes he is super!

Valli- Wow...I tend to wander but never in a grocery store...i guess though if it was a really nice one I might. We don't have those here!!!

Oh Heather - I hope that you a wonderful, amazing, super, glorious springy day - Spring was always my favorite! Especially if I had nothing else to do!