Friday, February 8, 2008

My Initiation into the World of Goats

My 1st Gallon of Raw Goat Milk!
Yes, I know it is not intended for sale for human consumption! So sad really!

As you read this please don't get the wrong idea. I like goats really I do but in the limited amount of contact that I have had with them (petting zoos, and fairs etc) they have always really seemed to be pretty dirty and dumb animals. Okay, let me explain. You go to a petting zoo and they always have poop on them somewhere, maybe from another goat climbing on them or from rolling around the ground...anyway I hate for my kids to even touch them and always make sure I have the hand sanitizer and wipes ready for the minute they are done (not a germaphobe either but animal poop is gross) because that is what the kids are there to do!

Today I went and picked up my first ever gallon of goat milk from a local goat farmer. I am a city girl...I will always be a city girl but that doesn't mean I can't eat well and want what is best for my family but I have to tell you that picking up goat milk today I was so far out of my element that it wasn't even funny!

The owners had given me really good directions (thank goodness) because getting there sure made you feel like you were in them middle of nowhere (right in the middle of the city though), right down to the dirt roads with no street signs!!! Okay, anyway I pulled into the driveway and parked my car. As I was looking around and getting out I saw a woman (a very pregnant woman) over in the goat pen (is that what you call it?) and I could here her yelling to the goats "Tell me where they are?" And to my very goat uneducated ears I could have sworn I heard the goats saying "there, there, there". I didn't really want to interrupt but I wanted my goat milk! So I yelled out to her and asked her if I was at the right place. She snapped back at me that she had no idea and what did I I had only spoken to her husband so maybe she didn't really know anything about it. Then I thought I had better see if I could help her find what ever she was looking for because it didn't seem like I was getting any milk from her until she was finished. So I asked her if I could help her. She snapped back at me (yes, again) did I know anything about goats...I said no but if that was what she was looking for I could probably identify one! The whole time I am thinking "what a nasty b*****!". I got into the goat pen and started walking around. Turns out we were looking for 2 of the babies that she had that were missing. I started searching the fence to see if they had just gotten out and then I started looking under the rocky area and the trees. Now she had started yelling for her husband and, I kid you not, every time she yelled out "Leal" the goats seemed to say it as well "Leal, Leal, Leal". Very bizarre!

Anyway we finally found the babies. They had hidden themselves in their covered area behind a box and the wall and under some straw??? and I no longer had to worry about the wild goat eating animal I was envisioning. The goat lady apologized to me and gave me my milk and off I went. These goats though changed my mind. They were really smart (they could talk!) and they were so nice and clean! Now I have my goat milk. I can't wait to make some yogurt!!! I also can't wait to see what my next adventure will be with the goat people!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Great things come from goats milk..Greek yogurt, feta cheese, chevre.....Yumm-O. I milked a goat once :D

Anonymous said...

I hope your yogurt turns out good. Sue from A Mutli- Color Life site left a note that has books on making goat cheese and other products. I haven't had time to check it out yet though.

Anonymous said...

I hope this goes well for you. I know raw milk is supposed to be really good for you. They sell raw milk in health stores in ca. We have tryed some before but it is so expensive! I think it was $10.50 for half a gallon!

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

I was able to buy a gallon for $10. And the girls love it. They have been asking for it on cereal and just to drink!
ga.farmgirl - thanks for the link!

I've never milked a cow or goat! You are brave Valli!

Heather said...

I wouldn't be afraid to let the kids touch goats, and forget the hand sanitizer! Kids who grow up around livestock have a much lower risk of developing allergies, and tend to have stronger immune systems. I learned that on the Science Channel. :)

Danni said...

What a funny (and fun) day you had! Good for you for venturing out of your comfort zone to try something new and visit the goats!! This isn't possibly due to all those farm blogs you've been reading lately, is it? :-) :-)

I've had goat cheese before but never goat milk, because I feared it would taste like the cheese. (ha, ha...but true.) Did you taste it or just give it to your girls? ;-)

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Hi Heather - gotta love the Science Channel but yes I agree (except with the goat poop maybe?)

Hi Danni - It could be the farm blogs . I guess you are drawn to things for a reason huh?
I did taste it and it tastes rich and creamy. Very much like whole cow milk. I am not a big milk lover but I love mild fresh cheeses. I used it in a cake I made yesterday and the girls had it in their cereal. Everyone is enjoying it! You will get your own goats and then you will have to try it...