Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thanks Jo and Yummr!


About a month or so ago I won a Pesto Challenge, with my Arugula Pesto and Wild Mushroom pizza, that was hosted by my friend Jo of The Adventures of Kitchen Girl and Yummr. The prize for the contest was 5 pounds of Barilla Pasta! Now that was exciting enough but I got the box the other day and as most of you know I have made myself a little nutty the past couple of days so I never got around to opening it (wayyyy too busy crying you know-what a DA* I am some times). Anyway I opened it yesterday afternoon and not only did they send me 5 boxes of Barilla but they sent me letter cutouts YUMR!!! How fun is that.

During the day yesterday I was going to make the girls some cookies but in my bleary eyed state (you know from crying all the day before-DA* me!) I opted to make them brownies from a box with some add ins to make them better. I dumped in some nuts, chocolate chips and some cookies that I had in the freezer from my Gourmet cookie event. They turned out delicious and were even more fun once I used the letter cutouts to spell YUM!!!

Thanks Jo and Yummr!

*DA = Dumb A**

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



sj said...

yay for getting the pasta and cutters :) The brownies look amazing and so cute!

And you are not a DA... we all get upset from time to time sweetie *hugs*

Megan said...

sometimes a mix is what we need. love the fun shapes. :)

Peter M said...

I'd like to buy a vowel please for $200!

Congrats on the win...pasta galore!

Anonymous said...

I am a professional DA. And don't you just LOVE playing with food. Such a good mom you are! I love those cutters and the brownies sound delish.

Catherine Wilkinson said...

DA - now I have an abbreviation for those people in front of me in traffic! And I LOVE word food!

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Hey Jo-Thanks so much. This was fun!

Hi Megan-Oh yah...did I need a mix!

Hey Peter-Thanks!

Hey Kelly-Thanks for the boost!

Hey Catherine-You sure do. Isn't word food fun?

Anonymous said...

Brownies are my absolute favorite! Thanks so much for participating in the Pesto challenge on Yummr and the Adventures of Kitchen Girl Jo! Truly a great recipe =)