Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Peter's Churrasco Chicken and Francie's Rice

Sounds like I don't have any original ideas huh? I do, really but with so many great recipes that I see on other blogs every day I don't really have to come up with original things all the time! Also I am a busy Mom with 2 crazy kids in 2 different schools with laundry, errands, and the job of finding the very best local produce for this crazy family which doesn't leave a whole lot of extra time for being creative. At least not during the week! What with skating and karate eating up all the spare time!

I found the Churrasco Chicken recipe on Kalofagas-Greek Food & Beyond by Peter Minakis. I saw the recipe and loved the idea of the ground bay leaves, onions, lemons and whiskey all together. The only problem was that Peter had used a whole chicken with skin on and I had 2 boneless, skinless breasts and 4 skinless thighs! I figure it would still work okay and I was right. This was such a delicious dish I urge you to try it. I can't wait to try it again but this time with a whole chicken!!!

With the chicken I made some Arroz Verde con Poblanos. I had gotten this recipe from Francie's blog - Ramblings of a Frantic Home Cook. I had made this a couple of weeks ago and T. was asking for it every night! I thought that it would go good with this chicken and a nice fresh salad!
I was right again! This rice is fresh tasting and very quick to make. I had to use brown rice this time and it was delicious like that as well!

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Peter M said...

Pardon me Judy but didn't this chicken kick some serious a$$?

I'm going to be making this Churrasco chicken all summer and no..I won't tire of it!

Thank you for the mention and spread the word...make this for friends/'s a winner.

Brittany said...

I am so excited you made this, as I have been eying Peter's chicken all week! I am so happy to hear you tried it out, and it was a success! I am most definitely going to have to give this a go now!

Anonymous said...

The chicken looks good and the rice too. I am going to check out both recipes.

Danni said...

Oh, it looks very delicious. I'm not such a fan of bay leaves, though, is the flavor of the bay really noticeable? I have to admit, the picture makes my mouth water!!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I agree that this BBQ dish is a winner:D

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Hey Peter - you got the good news about this post today!

Yes Brittany you have to try this recipe! Simple but well pulled together. Would be a treat to serve guests!

ga.farmigirl-We love this rice but oh the chicken!

Danni-The flavor of the bay is noticeable but in a good way. It is so complemented by the onions and everything else going on. Come on give it a try.

Hey Val-It sure is. I can't wait to try it again on a whole bird!

Dharm said...

Its almost Dinner time, I'm hungry and looking at your blog is not helping! That chicken looks just lovely... I sometimes wish we were all neighbours. Wouldnt it be so much fun to pop over and eat all this great food on everyones blogs!!