Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!

It looks even better this time around!

Yep, that dreaded day that happens once a year is here again. You know the one where you are made painfully aware by each phone call or email that you get telling you that you are a whole year older in just one day! Honestly I had a great morning oldest daughter wrote me an "autobiography" on my life and my youngest one wrote me a song and sang it and everything. What more could a Mom want...well maybe not getting this at 6:00 in the morning. But regardless it has been wonderful. I have opted for a quiet night at home with a nice grilled fresh fish and salad and some really great birthday cake!

Remember the cake that my dog ate? Dorie's Perfect Party Cake that I made for the Daring Bakers' challenge? I made it again. I was just so devastated that I really couldn't get a good taste of it that I had to try again! I also added some lemon curd to the layers so now each layer has butter cream, sliced strawberries and lemon curd...I can't wait for dinner!!! It has turned out great but the real test will be to see if it lasts until after dinner or will the dog win again????

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Peter M said...

Happy.....30th Birthday Judy!

I'd like a big wedge of cake, please...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Judy!
The cake looks so good. Another recipe I am going to save.
I hope the dog don't win this time.
Have a great evening.

Frantic Home Cook said...

Happy birthday, Judy!! Can I come over and share that with you?

Neen said...

Happy Birthday! That said, you are such an overacheiver: Dorie's Perfect Party cake is HARD, and requires a lot of effort from the birthday girl who should be getting pampered!

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Thanks Peter um yep 30 it is!

Thanks Pam-the dog seems to have left it all for me. I'm sure it being on top of the fridge was a slight deterrent!

Sure Francie - I'll save you a slice!

Thanks Neen-If you saw what my dog did to the last one you would understand why I was determined to do it again!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Happy birthday Judy!!!!
"Count your garden by the flowers,
Never by the leaves that fall;
Count your days by golden hours
Don't remember clouds at all.
Count the nights
by stars, not shadows,
Count your life bu smiles, not tears,
And with joy on every birthday
Count your age by friends, not years."
Sounds like you had a great day:D

nipsum said...
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Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Val - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Brittany said...


That cake looks amazing! What a perfect birthday ouch!

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Thanks Brittany! Although I am confused about a birthday ouch???