Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A rant about a bit of a dilemma I have

This was what I was getting back in February!

I have been struggling with a bit of a dilemma. May not seem to huge to everyone but I think some people are going to understand this very well. I just wish I could find a way to change this instead of just b******* about it!

I have spent the winter eating locally, seasonally and organically. I have been able to do this very cheaply and without much effort thanks due to the Worden Farm Farmer's Market that I have been going to every week since December. I have gotten some beautiful, fresh produce. They are no longer though. In South Florida our growing season is just about over. Yeah you can get strawberries, tomatoes and several other things but I want it all.

I want zucchini, eggplant, lettuce (nice, soft bursting with flavor lettuce), swiss chard, rhubarb, asparagus etc...(you get my point) but I can't in all good conscience buy this stuff. If you walk into your local grocery store you will find that almost all of the produce that they have there is from someplace else and I don't mean the neighboring state of Georgia or Alabama. I am talking Chile, Argentina, Mexico!!! This really ticks me off. Why does my food have to travel an average of 1600 miles and from a foreign country to get to me. Talk about leaving a "carbon footprint"???!!! I know up north things are starting to pop up. Why can't I get some of that???? I would be happy to buy things from other states in the U.S. Hell, I would buy from Canada just give me the options.

I am now having to pay an outrageous amount of money for all the things that I want that are organic. Most of these things have traveled from California to get to me but at least then I know that I am not getting any pesticides that are illegal to use in this country. Yes...some of the countries that we import our produce from use pesticides that are illegal to use here but they have no such laws governing them. This whole things sucks to me! I am trying to feed my family the best that I can possibly get and I can't even find it!

I guess maybe I was just so spoiled during our growing season and now I am seeing what all of you living up North have to deal with all winter. I have never been as conscious of this before this year so I guess that is also why it is hitting me so hard.

Okay, now here is my apology. I am sorry for not posting a recipe but at least I wasn't standing in front of you bi***** about this (So sorry T.). You could have stopped reading...poor T. doesn't stand a chance!!!



Pixie said...

Ah that just sucks doesn't it! I'm with you on how foods are transported from other countries when you buy fresh local ingredients. It's only till recently, that we've been going to our local Farmer's Market and what a difference in taste!

Thanks for stopping by and I'd recommend making some tomato chutney after the lemon curd. ;)

MrOrph said...

I feel your pain, really. I have to buy my produce at Whole Paycheck. It is a royal PITA.

There are some new weekly farmers markets starting up this spring and I think I'll have to start going to them.

Anonymous said...

I bet that is like withdrawal. It looks like all year would be a growing season down there. I guess I don't understand how the seasons work there.
I hope you find some local or at least not foreign grown food soon.
I have to admit the Feb. picture produce looked wonderful!

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Hi Pixie-Thanks for the sympathy and the advice. I may do the chutney first while I still have good tomatoes!

Hi MrOrph-what is Whole Paycheck? Do hit the farmer's market. Support the small farmer and he will be there for you next year!

Ah Pam - It is a withdrawal of sorts. In the summer it is just too extreme. The heat is horrendous, the daily torrential downpours and then the blazing sun! Nothing can survive all of that everyday! I hope I find something soon too or I will get really cranky!

MrOrph said...

Whole Paycheck = Whole Foods.

Mike of Mike's Table said...

I'm not quite as environmentally conscious, but I strive for local foods all the same--it tastes better and you just feel better about it since its not as likely to be covered in pesticides or already be halfway to rotten. Growing your own is nice, too, but then you're still a slave to the seasons, and FL summers are definitely a bit harsh on the plants. :-/ I need to get more involved with drying, preserving, etc so I can have local/home-grown sorts of things year-round. One day...

Núria said...

Oh Judy... getting used to good things might not be that good in the long run! Hey I made a proberb myself ;-)
Now seriously, I know what you mean, I guess we are too lucky here in Spain: this wonderful weather gives us season veggies all year round!
The optimist sight is that my parents were possibly eating veggies treated with pesticides when they were young and they have a perfect health still now (75 and 73)... It's good you worry but don't get too anxious about it... that's my personal view :D

Dharm said...

I guess I sorta understand Judy.. I dont buy organic simply coz its so expensive over here. But I know what its like wanting to use certain ingredients and finding you cant coz its so B***** expensive - like all the cheeses I love. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I haven't found a farmer's market that is open until May or June, so like Morph I am forced to rely on Whole Foods. It isn't perfect, but it's better than the stuff I can get at the local mega-mart! Fortunately, Whole Foods makes a real effort to source locally.

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

MrOrph-Duh guess I should have gotten that one! We don't have one here but we have another smaller one (Ada's) that is very good.

Hey Mike-I hear you on the preserving. That is my goal for next fall/winter. To save everything I can.

Hola Nuria-You would think living here I would have the temperate climate working on my side but it is in the upper 90's all summer and it rains (real hard) every single day. I guess I just have to make due and wait it out until the early fall.

Exactly Dharm-I would be able to pay to get what I want but it just isn't available. I am so greedy...I want it local! You'd think somebody could pull this off for me!

Hi Fearless-Once those markets open be sure you get there every week. Look into preserving some of the stuff (freeze, dried, canned etc.). You will thank me come winter again!

Anonymous said...

This was a really interesting post. I try to eat locally when I can, but I'm so not as committed as you are. You should feel proud and you most def. have a reason to bi$ch! I can't be a slave to the seasons here in NYC. I do admire cultures that really do eat locally and seasonally. But, until our farmers come back to the US and I have more options available, I don't know how committed I can be to the eating locally. I feel almost ashamed admiting it. But, I'm just being honest. I like to cook!

amy @ http://www.weareneverfull.com

JoAnn said...

What do you think about the farmers market in ft myers? I found it at:

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

I do go there on Thurs. I just went today as a matter of fact but they sell everything there. It is by no means local. The asparagus still had the "grown in Peru" elastics wrapped around them. They have Ruskin tomatoes but I can get better at the U-Pick. Maybe during season it is better but for right now it is just cheaper than a grocery store. One guy sells a couple of things that are "organic" and whatever you do don't talk to the man with the growth on his nose at the very first veggie booth. He will try to tell you all sorts of things about organics not being true and all of the South American crops have less pesticides sprayed on them than he sprays on his. I asked him how long ago this was - "oh about 18 years ago" Buddy, times have changed!!!!

JoAnn said...

Oh boy, thanks for the warning. Everything that comes in from out of the country is irradiated and sprayed with ethyl glycol by the u.s. anyway.