Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pennsylvania for the 4th of July!

Well we had a great time in DC but really wanted to be far away from the city by the 4th of July.  We were there on the 2nd and the city was already gearing up!

We headed to where Tony is from and spent 5 fun filled days with family.

We picked wild berries…

We played with cousins…DSC_0324

Took some time to smell the flowers…DSC_0327


We had mojitos… DSC_0213

Ran in fields under clear blue skies…DSC_0308

We ate, lots…DSC_0217

We went to the girl’s first drive in movie…DSC_0293

We swam…DSC_0342

We had birthday cake…DSC_0322

Made fire dogs and s’moresDSC_0375

Caught fire flies…DSC_0200 
Watched fireworks being shot into a clear night sky…  DSC_0425


From here Tony sadly headed home and I went on to Toronto with the girls…Much more to come!!!



Thistlemoon said...

Looks like a great time you guys had! :)

kelly said...

Love the gorgeous photos of your summer fun in the sun. They made me smile! So glad you took time to smell the flowers :)

Davenz said...

Your have a great time with your family...I like it!
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