Thursday, November 6, 2008

Farmer's Market -1st of the season!

This is a picture taken from their website. Don't you just love how pretty everything is???

Anyone who has followed my blog for the past year knows how excited I get about Farmer's Markets. I love to be able to buy locally and I also love to be able to save money on my grocery bill. You also know that I live in Southwest Florida and that my growing season here is completely opposite of the majority of the country.

Today was the very first day of the all organic, sustainably farmed and local Worden Farm Farmer's Market at Fisherman's Village!!! I have been planning a trip there now for about 7 months (hehe that's when they closed for the summer!). This was a thrill though. Myself and one of my girlfriends' who shares a love of good, fresh food and cooking, hoped in the car and headed north to the Farmer's Market! It was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm with an nice breeze that managed to keep it just slightly cool. We were so not disappointed! This market is gorgeous. Not only is the setting nice. Right on the water of Charlotte Harbor but the fresh vegetables, the beautiful fresh vegetables!

My haul - Tat Soi (Asian Spinach), Arugula (see those bags? $3 for organic arugula!!!), lettuces, radishes, shitake mushrooms, cucumber, squash blossoms and a big beautiful loaf of rustic bread!!!

Dinner last night was hectic as T. is working on a deadline and wasn't able to help out with dinner while I did Karate, so it was a big happy bowl of pea soup, with that incredible loaf of bread and some beer battered squash blossoms!

Deep Fried Squash Blossoms (recipe by Mark Bittman-How to Cook Everything Vegetarian)

Heat 2 inches of oil in a heavy bottomed pot to at least 350 degrees.

1 Cup all-purpose flour, plus 1 Cup for dredging
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1 egg
3/4 Cup beer or sparkling water (I stole T.'s beer for this one)
Coarse salt for finishing
  • While the oil is heating mix the batter ingredients until just combined. This batter should be the consistency of pancake batter.
  • Dredge each blossom lightly in the plain flour and then dip into the batter and place gently in the oil. Do not crowd the blossoms in the oil, you may have to cook in batches. Cook turning once until a nice golden brown.
  • Drain on a rack or paper towels and serve immediately

As Always...

Happy Entertaining!!!



Preston said...

Being in NJ, our farmer's markets are all done, except for pumpkins and the like. Those deep fried squash blossoms look awesome but where would I find squash blossoms?

BTW, I really like your blog even though I don't comment much.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those veggies look gorgeous! I'm so happy for you that you now have your market back. Ours is closing for the season but, thanks to your blog, I have stockpiled some favs for the winter!

JoAnn said...

Oh boy doesn't that look wonderful?! I was just showing S that the squash flowers could be fried and eaten, he didn't believe me so I showed him your post and now he wants to go out and get some! I can't wait to be back there (soon!)

Patsyk said...

I'm so jealous! We won't have farmer's markets again until next JUNE! I would love to try those squash blossoms! I've never seen them anywhere to purchase them and they look so delicious.

Thistlemoon said...

YAY for the farmers market!!!!

This is one nice thing about living in FL - longer growing seasons! I know it is so sad to read everyone's stories about their farmers markets closing for the winter, while ours are just getting good!!!

I swear if I was in a hurry and didn't have time for dinner I wouldn't be as creative as beer battered squash blossoms and soup!

Darius T. Williams said...

Yes - definitely looks great - I love farmer's markets!


Peter M said...

Those blossoms look freakin' good, nice catch at the market. The market stand is taunting me...there you go again!

However, you may keep all those radishes...they have yet to win me over.

Nina Timm said...

Crispy and greasy on the outside and soft and yummee on the inside...I can almost imagine this must be good for me!

Cate Bruce-Low said...

wow, so jealous! not a whole lot to choose from up north. looks so great. eat some goodies for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

My wife (Dr. E.) and I are about as far away from vegetarians as two people can be . . . LOL!

But we LOVE deep-fried veggies (especially tempura deep-fried veggies).

Your squash blossoms are obviously a REAL winner.

Thanks a million for the idea.

Aggie said...

I grew up eating zucchini flowers (squash blossoms? I assume they are the same)...I haven't seen or had any in forever! My grandfather used to have them in his how you served them!! And love your farmers market!

MrsDocChuck said...

I made my husabnd some deep fried mac and cheese after reading your recipe.

There are no more farmer's markets here in Maryland where we live. Not that Chuck allows me to shop at them anyway. He considers them a huge ripoff.

Dee said...

Yummy! Those squash blossoms look wonderful. They were my biggest culinary joy I found when we moved to Mexico. I love them but never thought of a beer batter! This looks great. I will be so happy to try this recipe soon! The farmers market looks great too. It's got to be hard to choose when there is such an abundant growing season in Florida.

The Duo Dishes said...

*sigh* Love a squash blossom!!!

Anonymous said...

Tasty looking post! I featured it on my Facebook page "Chef Barry" with full credit to you of course!