Monday, August 20, 2007

No Fear Entertaining

Does the idea of a house full of family, friends and colleagues send waves of terror rippling through your body? Do you really want to entertain in your home, but have nightmares that you would run out of food and beverages? Do you worry that if you finally did decide on a menu, how much food would be enough? How do you figure out how much for each person?
How many people can I comfortably have in my home?
Is my house too small?
Will the weather be good for an outdoor party?

Well...we are The Chiappinis and we can help you take all of the guess work out of entertaining. We have been feeding our friends and family in both large and small groups (20-60 people) for about 15 years! We know what works. We will show you our mistakes and successes. We follow what we call "The 7 Golden Rules of No Fear Entertaining".
And in case you are thinking that we have a huge house that makes entertaining easy, I want you to be assured that we have a normal size house with a rather small kitchen, probably no different than what you have in your house.

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